On a mission to help startup founders and investors succeed πŸš€
Hey, I am Shibin πŸ‘‹
I am passionate about building great products and communities. I find my best superpower in enabling founders and investors to create more value. I rely on using data, design, and technology to solve complex problems.
Currently working as Global Startup Pipeline Analyst at Techstars, working with 50+ accelerators across the globe. Meeting new founders and helping early-stage startups in their Investment/Fundraising is what gets me out of my bed.
I previously worked as Acceleration Manager at NUMA, a French accelerator, where I worked with ecosystem partners and other stakeholders for growth & strategic partnerships.
I spent the first several years of my career as a developer and later focused on building tech communities. Got the privilege to lead communities of Google, Branch, Techstars, etc. in my region. Followed by which I was invited by Google for Google I/O 2018 in Silicon Valley.
When I am not busy interacting with the founders or switching between spreadsheets, I find time to explore new data tools, products, and workflows that increase efficiency and productivity in my life and work.
I am an ardent fan of Google’s 20% Project Initiative and I spend my weekends building side projects and tools.
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